Saturday, September 02, 2006


As we lounged for a few extra mintes before finally admitting that the day had begun and we needed to get up, we watched two graceful deer prance across the back yard, along the wildlife trail. We'll miss that when we move into town within the next few years. There are deer, bear and the occasional moose that wander by on that trail.
The deer stop to visit the hosta, which gives me fits.
The bear toples the large and HEAVY trash bin. He doesn't always gain entry, but on occasion he does grave damage to the bin, causing a flurry of activity from the area of the workshop. The bin cannot be left mangled. It's too easy to get into it again.
The moose just looks and pauses, and continues on his slothful way. He moves with slow and thoughtless wanderings through a non-threatening world.
The birds chirp and screech. They visit for water, thistle seed and sugar water at this time of year. When October comes I get serious about putting out TONS of seed for them. They provide many hours of pleasure when the cold months of the New England winter set in.


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