Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm sitting here in my living room, in front of the fireplace with a roaring fire going. It's been quite chilly today and I'll be darned if I'm going to crank up the thermostat and use up any of the propane for heat...yet. I must say it's quite pleasant sitting here like this, but it makes me realize that the reason I'm sitting in the living room where the fireplace is, is that it's still pretty chilly in the den. That's the only problem with using the fireplace, the other rooms don't benefit from the heat. Too many corners to turn and heat likes to travel in a straight line I guess. Actually, mostly UP and we've got a cathedral ceiling, so it's all captured where we really don't need it. But, you can't have EVERYTHING! We'll be sleeping in the cold tonight!
I've been looking at the elderberry tree in the back yard, right outside the den window. It's loaded with blue black berries. I understand they make wonderful jelly and wine, but since I no longer make jelly and have never made wine, I'll leave them for the birds and whatever other creature comes along needing a snack.
I loved the little flowers it made in the spring, and now I love the berries. I have another one in the front yard, right by the compost bins. I can remember one year I noticed that the whole tree was shaking and trembling. It was not windy so I was very perplexed and then I saw the cedar waxwings. They had discovered the berries and were in the process of stripping every single berry off that tree. I've never seen that happen again, but it sure was a fun thing to watch. In about 20 minutes every last berry was gone! So, I'm sure the berries on the tree out back will be of use to some creature that will thoroughly enjoy them!
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