Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's getting close to time to plant bulbs. I've started to get advertisements from gardening centers about ordering bulbs. If you haven't started thinking about doing that, it's time.
Hopefully you remember a bit about where you had blank spots in the garden in the spring. Those empty areas are where you want to plunk a few bulbs.
This is also the time when you can dig up some bulbs, separate them, and plant them in other areas. Why not generate some areas with more daffodils that YOU propogated?
Living out in the "boonies" I tend not to plant tulips which are often quickly consumed by critters. They also tend to get smaller each year, so I'd prefer different types of daffodils which proliferate. You can also get early, mid-season and late varieties. That way you can have daffodils on the table or in the garden for a very long spell come spring. It's such a welcome sight!

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