Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I've been reading a lot lately about how farms and schools are teaming up to provide more produce for the school cafeterias. It means that our children are getting healthier food, and our farms are able to sell their produce locally. There is less fuel used getting the food to the consumer. Fewer containers are needed, and the ones that are used can be reused on the next trip. There are many more organic farms in the mix, which makes this prospect even healthier!
When the kids know where their food comes from, it makes it more fun to eat. It could be the farm supplying the food even has a youngster registered in that school. There is the opportunity for trips and tours to the farm, and talks to the farmer. To learn that food does not originate in the grocery store is a wonderful lesson.
There are schools that have their own vegetable gardens on the school grounds. The children do the gardening and harvesting. How great is that? The kids find out where potatoes and carrots come from. They see how quickly lettuce springs out of the ground, and how yummy it is when eaten fresh.
If this sort of activity is being debated in your community, encourage it! Go and talk to the Board of Education and while you're at it, see to it your neighbors are aware of the possibilities.

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