Saturday, September 06, 2008


I read an article the other day that was absolutely eye opening. It suggested that we can actually "green up" our gardens! Think about that. We are always thinking in an ecologically sound manner, aren't we? We compost; we try to use mulch in order to conserve water; we think about xeriscaping and rain gardens. However, have you thought about this?
Forget the annuals! Every year when we buy dozens of new annuals...they all come in plastic containers which need to get disposed of somehow. Then the annuals need to be watered and tended to all summer long. In the fall, they die. Next year we start the whole process over again.
If on the other hand, we buy perennials (or get some from friends), we dispose of ONE pot. Then after the plant is established it needs much less water. It comes up again next year, and actually gives us the opportunity of sharing OUR perennials with friends because the plants get larger and fuller. Fewer pots go in the landfill. Less water is expended. We get to share with friends. AND we have beautiful perennials that may cost a bit more when purchased, but last for MANY years.
The moral of the story? Forget the annuals and get perennials!

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