Saturday, October 11, 2008


It IS beautiful! Yesterday, my husband and I took a long drive through the back roads of New Hampshire. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive. The colors are at their peak and narrow country roads are a delight to travel. The leaves have blown to the sides of the roads, stacked up against those lovely stone walls. Even on those far from the more traveled roads, tourists find their way. They park and walk with dogs and cameras looking for the perfect spot. There are so many perfect spots. It's nice to call this heaven home!
As you plant your bulbs, try tossing a few around the peonies, and digging them in. In the spring the bulbs (whatever they are) will bloom among those deep red sprouts. Then when the bulbs are dying back, the peony will grow and cover the dying leaves of your bulbs. It's a perfect fit. You still have plenty of time to plant bulbs, so if you can, get out in the garden and DO it!
Have you taken the children out to pick apples or gather pumpkins? It's a wonderful thing to do right about now. They will love it! Try using a magic marker to make the jack-o-lantern faces. That way when the pumpkins are done decorating your porch, they can be used for pies, soups and seeds. There is less waste that way too.
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