Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Last night we had a hard freeze. The difference between a hard freeze and "frost" is the condition of the plants afterwards in your garden. After a frost, the plants will often look a bit sad. After a hard freeze, they're done! Do you know what lettuce looks like if it gets frozen? That's what your plants will look like.
My hosta is a dark, wilty green today. No more sheen there. This morning all the shrubs, plants and roofs had a covering of frost. It didn't disappear until about 10 AM. By that time, if it hadn't been snagged by sunup, it was surely done-in a bit later.
In one way, it's kind of sad to know the summer season is really gone. But, it's wonderfully crisp and dry. The sun is warming up as the day progresses. It's time to take the dog for a long, wonderful walk. He/she will love it and it will be good for you both. Apples are crisp and just begging to be bitten into. The pumpkins are awaiting your choice. "Pick me, please!"
Rake the leaves; plant the bulbs; throw some compost on your perennials; clean out the annuals and toss them into the compost; put up the bird feeders; oil and sharpen your tools before hanging them up for the season. It's getting close to the time to hunker down and light the fire.
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