Thursday, February 04, 2010


I KNOW it's the wrong month to be thinking about bulb planting...BUT... I just found a great link that is like a zone map, but it tells you when to plant what bulbs in your area. It also tells you what bulbs to plant and HOW. It's a neat link! I'll put in in my "September Chores" list, but, hey! It's February, and what gardener isn't itching to learn something new to apply to the garden...even if it IS the wrong time of the year??? :-)
Here it is! US Regions for bulb planting! ENJOY!

When the time comes, a place I've had lots of good luck with bulbs is Van Engelen. They have a very nice catalog.with multiple varieties of every kind of spring bulb imaginable.


At February 11, 2010, Blogger Gatsbys Gardens said...

VanEngelen is great for large quantities of bulbs. They have another company John Scheepers which sells bulbs in smaller quantities. I order from both.


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