Friday, October 21, 2005


This morning when I awoke and looked out over the deck roof, there it was, the tell-tale whitish cloak of frost on the roof! If you can believe it, that was the FIRST time I've seen frost this autumn at our home. That's pretty unusual up here in northern New Hampshire.
When I ventured into the living room and looked out at the garden that frost was visible again. The hosta and the peony leaves were all very dark green, and looking just a bit worse for wear. Yup, they had definitely been nipped by a good hard frost.
So the next season has definitely begun! There are a few things that come right up to my gardener's mind. I need to get those hoses into the garage after being drained AND I need to get burlap covers on the shrubs I want to protect from heavy snows. The birdbath needs to be taken in so it doesn't freeze and crack...which I've allowed to happen once too many times!
Then there are the few left over bulbs I haven't gotten into the soil. It's definitely TIME!
If I still lived in Connecticut, I'd be ruminating about the leaves that continue to fall covering the grass...which is NOT a good thing. However, up here in the North Country, I don't worry about leaves too much. There are a few spots we rake, but generally the leaves are not an issue.
So, I welcome the entrance to another season. It will be less colorful, but definitely just as beautiful. I tend to leave the flower stalks with their flower heads containing seeds alone so the birds can find them. They also add a certain interest to the garden. There are times during the winter that I wonder just why it was I left them up. They can begin to look pretty sad, but hey, the birds loved them, so who cares how they look in February?


At October 21, 2005, Anonymous Gabrielle said...

Still no frost here in the Pacific NW, so the hostas and nasturtium are still going strong. We usually dip below freezing around Halloween, which gives me a few more days to get these bulbs into the ground.

Good job on the spam deterrant. Wish it was available on my host.

At October 23, 2005, Blogger OldRoses said...

No frost yet here in NJ. Tons of rain, though. So glad it's not snow!

At October 25, 2005, Blogger englishivy said...

I live in Virginia. No frost here yet - thankfully. I still have some plants outside that I bought with the intention of bringing inside. I keep looking at them woefully. Truth is, I don't know what to do. I imagine they have bugs in the soil that are not welcome in my house, so I need something to drench the soil with. But what? The temperature has dropped dramatically in the last week, so whatever it is, it had better happen soon. I've left it late - there's no warm spot out there for me either. The iceman cometh.

At October 26, 2005, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Why do you think there are bugs in the soil? Do you see something? If there's something specific we can treat, I'll try and help...but suspicions alone are tough to treat!
Drop me a line!


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