Saturday, August 02, 2008


This morning as I went to get my mail at the post office, I passed a local nursery. There was a big sign outside that the plants were all on sale!
This is good time to go in and check for bargains. Try to get perennials though. It's too late to put in annuals, unless it's fall bloomers like chrysanthemums. Isn't it too bad that we used to be able to expect the mums to come up year after more. Very few chrysanthemums are perennial. Don't even begin to ask has something to do with they way they are now propagated.
Anyway, look for perennials that are on sale. Buy them and bring them home. Once you've got them home, you can do one of two things. You can plant them right away, being SURE to keep them well watered until they are established; or you can sink the pot with the perennials in them into the soil under a nice sheltering shrub. It's possible you'll have to water them if it gets dry, but they might appreciate being held over until it gets a bit cooler. In a few weeks, or a month, pull up the pot and plant them where you want them to remain. You'll save a little money and gain a few more perennials.
Be sure that the plants that you pick look healthy and then KEEP them that way!
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