Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday the weather report claimed that we might just get some snow! Oh, gosh! I'm not ready!!!!
At any rate, I quickly got to some of the neglected chores. I turned off the water going to the outside spigot. That's always a chore because I have to climb up into a bunk bed, remove a ceiling tile and turn off the water while bent over into a ridiculous position! Now, it's done.
Then it was outside to remove the hose from the spigot and drag it like a snake down the hill so it could drain. That is always pretty effective. One end of the hose at the top of the hill, the rest winding downhill and emptying into the ground right at the base of the Mountain Laurel. Now I'll have to go out and roll it back up to put it away for it's winter nap.
Then it was time to collect the pads from the delightful, summer recliner on the deck. They go into a big, black plastic bag. I tie that up and put it into the storage room to await spring and the next warm nap on the deck!
I tried to buy some suet at the local grocery store for the woodpeckers, but they didn't have any! They had a small package with little chunks that would fall right through the suet that will have to wait until I get to the store again and MAYBE they'll have gotten some.
I put out the feeders for the birds last week and I've gotten the usual noisy Bluejays and a few Hairy Woodpeckers, but nothing else. I wonder where the birds are? I'll have to write to the Project Feeder Watch folks at Cornell to see if there's a reason for that. Usually the birds are there the same day I put the feeders up.
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At October 22, 2008, Anonymous easygardener said...

It's sort of satisfying to get those last minute jobs done before winter arrives - even if it's also a little depressing.
We've just had our first frost but our weather is so unpredictable that I'm not sure what to prepare for.


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