Saturday, November 26, 2005


I haven't written for a bit because of the holiday AND the fact that we were spending some time with family. However, today it seems only appropriate that I should write something here.
We got about 5 inches of snow over the Thanksgiving holiday! Everything is beautiful and white. I can say this now. In March, my comments will be otherwise I'm sure!!!
Anyway, seeing the snow created a flurry of activity. There were, as usual, a few chores I neglected to get to. Sure we had warnings about winter. There were the usual minimal snowfalls, but they were just teasers. Just like a lot of gardeners, I refused to believe that this could actually get to the point where we had to SHOVEL!
So, here I am, praying that we'll get a warm spell that will melt the snow and allow me to continue with all seriousness the matter of preparing my garden for winter. So, don't feel bad if you forgot a few pre-winter gardening chores! It happens to all of us. Promise yourself you'll remember next year. Then let's see what happens then! :-)


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