Saturday, September 09, 2006


My, we had quite the deluge a few minutes ago. I'll bet we got an inch of rain in about 20 minutes. This is nature's way of preparing our garden for a long winter!
We will get some more heavy rains as autumn progresses. Nature is wonderful, isn't it?
You can help because it isn't ALWAYS that we can depend on nature to take this chore seriously. Be sure that all of your shrubs, berry and bramble bushes, as well as valuable trees get a good watering a few times before the first snow flakes fall.
Lay the hose at the "trunk" of the shrub or tree; turn the hose on VERY low and let the water just seep into the soil. Watch the water for a few minutes before you leave it. You want to be sure the water trickles into the ground. It should NOT run off and down the hill, or something. Once you're sure that the water is going to the targeted roots, you can go read a book (or something) and let the water run for 45-60 minutes.
Remember your bush will have a LONG winter to get through without any water to it's roots. It will LOSE moisture through it's leaves, but the frost and the snow won't let it absorb any additional water which will benefit the plant. So, help it out!


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