Monday, November 28, 2005


So, here I go...I begin with my project of planning a course on the "AGING GARDENER". Any time I attempt to define a concept, I always start by defining the words I use, so..
AGE means: 1) the length of time a thing has existed. that what I mean?
How about: 2) the latter period of a natural term of existence?
or how about: 3) to mature? I like that one.
As my eye wandered over the dictionary page it fell on "ag-ile": meaning quick and well-coordinated. Hey, that's what I USED to be!!!
My eyes also fell on "agast": meaning struck with shock, amazement or horror. That's what I am nowadays when I venture out to my garden and realize I just haven't got what it takes anymore.
SO, there you have it...the ages of a gardener. Having been "agile"; beginning to "age"; and then being "agast" when the old body just doesn't work quite right anymore!
I realize I cannot turn the clock back. I can't make my body agile once again, but I don't want to be agast either. HOW am I going to deal with that garden that has given me such joy throughout my life? There MUST be a way!
That's what this course is going to be about. I will write my thoughts as they come to me, and then pull them all together to come up with a syllabus.
I am beginning to get some comments from gardeners who are traveling this road as well.
For instance, tonight I heard from a gardener who says he goes NOWHERE in the garden without a 5 gallon pail he can turn upside down to use as a prop to get him back on his feet. What a GREAT idea! Keep those thoughts coming!


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