Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, here it comes! Frost, autumn and then winter. I guess our active gardening year is beginning to close in on us. There's still stuff we can do to help our gardens make it through the winter. I mentioned the watering. That's an important one!
Rake the leaves off the grass. Leaves will compact and prevent the grass from breathing. It can cause dieback and mold. If you can pull the mower back and forth across the leaves AND grass and put the combination into the compost bin, (mixed in with a bit of soil when you put it into the bin) that is LOVELY stuff and will be wonderful in the garden come spring!
There's still plenty of time to put in bulbs! You'll be SOOOOO glad you did come spring!
You can still plant shrubs, trees and perennials. There are even some seeds you can sow now. And how about planting some garlic for next years larder?
So, even if the handwriting is appearing on the wall, you can still beat "Old Man Winter"!


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